Egyptian most prominent architect Shehab Mazhar has been in the forefront of architecture design since he founded his practice on Cairo, Egypt in 1978. Mazhar is an influential theorist as well as a diversified and prolific designer. he started his life as an academic and acquired all the professional theories necessary for his profession, he then turned to the practical side and he established his firm which flowered beautifully various projects encompassing many building types: Special residential communities; hotels and resorts; club-houses; office buildings; restaurants and retail stores; sports and recreation centers; as well as healthcare facilities,
Ultimately, each project expresses a functional thesis with a deep respect for the natural environmental and human impact upon it. The result is an evolving and appropriate style unrestrained by fashionable labels. His designs always cater a wide array of needs, both in terms of space as well as style.
In addition to the afore mentioned achievements he is leading a successful professional corporation specializing in planning design of diverse residential, commercial and tourestic projects, which is currently celebrating its 30 th anniversary. 
It's a multi-dimensional firm offering distinctive design services, tailored to the needs of the clienteles; its challenge is to respond to each project with innovative and appropriate solutions to establish distinguished architectural designs that gracefully stand the test of time and budgets 

Moreover He is a pioneer in Landscape designs providing his design services at the request of other Firms based on his unique fame in these fields .

Mission and Vision

Shehab A. Mazhar Architects consultancy firm is committed to being the company of choice to provide architectural & engineering services on various scaled projects.

It strives to build a long-term partner-ship with our prestigious clients by providing quality services in performance. The firm aspires to be a World-ranked Consulting Firm that exceeds  clients' expectations.